A move

A move
Photo by Yu Ao Feng / Unsplash

Back in 2017, I had to figure out a name for the company I was creating. I dug up an old idea and after a bit of thinking chose something close to the original idea but a bit "better": Imfiny. I wanted to mix a couple of things in there but in the end, it turned out to be complicated to tell people from any country what the name of the company was. I have spelled the name of the company quite a few times by now.

So, early this year I started to think about what I wanted the company to do really, where I want to go with this. So, the identity of the company is changing and moving towards "Pier 22". Being resolutely European I decided pier22.eu would be a good domain name for it.

Content move

The content will stay here, on this domain and so will a minimal face for the company. But most of the new content will slowly be only created for the new domain.

New sites

The company's main site will be www.pier22.eu. The blog will be located at journal.pier22.eu. If you are already supporting us here you will still get access to all the content here and there. You will also get a discount on our courses.


Speaking of which: we are starting a cohort-based course on Maven : https://maven.com/thomas-riboulet/first-engineering-strategy .


I have opened new time slots through calendly for weekly Office hours. For more specific mentoring we can always start with an introduction call and see where we go from there.

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