Remote teams and communication

Communication for remote teams : a reflection on some points to consider.

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The case of the miracle date

This is a little story about an oddity related to date handling and null values in MySQL that a teammate and I spotted when working with Sequel and a custom timestamp plugin.

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Easing into the waters

Some food for thoughts about early infrastructure efforts for teams.

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Ruby and background jobs

An overview of Ruby background jobs solutions.

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Auto Scaling and ALB in AWS

A solution to handle host based load balancing with ALBs in AWS with Terraform.

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A case for hybrid backends

I have published a few posts about Ruby backends, AWS EC2 and using SNS/SQS in the past. Lately I have done and pushed some experiments further to use a lot more from AWS compute services rather than just hosting the services there.

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Mixing on demand and Spot instances in Auto scaling groups

For some time now it’s been possible to mix OnDemand and Spot instances in Auto Scaling Groups so here is a little example of such a setup with Terraform.

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Simple logs handling in AWS with Docker apps

How to use Cloudwatch to handle logs for Docker based application hosting on AWS.

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Exception handling with Sentry in AWS

While we can handle logs and metrics mostly through AWS Cloudwatch it’s not that straightforward when it comes to application exceptions. One solution is to use Sentry and run its “on-premise” version which is OpenSource.

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AWS Launch templates in Terraform

In late 2017 AWS added "launch templates" in their EC2 ecosystem as a complement or replacement of "launch configurations". While more complex it adds a lot of possibilities to handle many things in an AutoScalingGroup. Let's see how to use them with Terraform.

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Building releases with AWS CodeBuild and Lambda

Testing another way to run tests and build releases by using AWS Codebuild.

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Simple tmux tricks

Tmux has replaced a long time ago our use of screen to handle persistent sessions on remote servers and also more powerful terminals on our work stations.

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Background jobs in AWS for Ruby

While you can run the old resque+redis or sidekiq+redis duos on AWS you can also make use of some AWS services to ease the setup and work.

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Imfiny Podcast : Season 01, Episode 01

Consul 1.0, CockroachDB 1.1, krackattack and a good practice during incidents are this episode highlights.

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