Building up : Looping back

Building a styleguide, a set of guide lines, establishing ways to monitor and know how the product runs, automating what can be, hosting and running the product, all these are key elements to build a technical culture within a technical company.

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Building up : Handling Issues

Aside of performance metrics one important thing to keep an eye on for your production environments is the number of errors they are throwing and what's going on in the logs.

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Building up : StartingUp

Gone are the times where we would host our websites in our dorm, garage or office on a klinky server with the electrical plug scotched to the wall with a big "do not unplug" sign on it.

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Building up : Automate

Many battles are to be fought in projects so it's key to choose your battles and avoid as many as you can. Styleguides and guidelines are, as we saw previously, key to ease the day to day work by avoiding extra work.

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Building up : Scaling in

Once the team has started to adopt even an embryo of styleguides it's time to move onto the meatier things. Again, it helps to put some guiding lines for the team to see how and where to go.

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Building up : Product and performance metrics

Code does not evolve in a vacuum. It does not appear from nowhere, it does not just run on the developers computer and it does not just end in the code repository. Let's see how to keep an eye on the impact of changes.

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Building up : Styleguide

It all start with style in which one writes code. It's the form, not the function that is first apparent when one looks at a code base. This form is the style used by the authors of the code base : the specific way to write using the programming language(s), the way to name and organize files.

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