Howto : Private git hosting

In this article we will see how to setup a set of : - a git repositories server and service - a web interface to manager users, groups, and repositories - a load balancer to handle SSL termination in front of the git hosting service

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Ephemeral containers for ssh

When I setup docker based infrastructures for projects I have usually a few use cases that need to be solved. Usually it starts with starting http services containers, background workers containers and console ones. Let us see how to handle the last case.

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A repository template

I decided to do a little experiment for a mini service I am playing with at the moment : have more than just code in the repository. Let's see what else we could have alongside the code.

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Simple logs handling in AWS with Docker apps

How to use Cloudwatch to handle logs for Docker based application hosting on AWS.

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Building releases with AWS CodeBuild and Lambda

Testing another way to run tests and build releases by using AWS Codebuild.

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