Release : Jekyll transistor gem

Some time ago I decided to move all my audio episodes from Soundcloud to [Transistor]( I wanted something that didn't cost too much, that I could still include in the Jekyll page and that would help a bit with publishing to whatever audience was reached.

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On feature switches

Once a team has a stable and trusted way to get releases deployed quickly and potentially multiple times during a day it becomes very useful to have a way to switch features or changes ON and OFF in the production environment.

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Surprise : I am mixing your data

When it comes to doing SQL queries onto a relational database there is a time when this query needs to use rows from two tables to give you the rows you want. These are called “join” queries. Their purpose is to combines records from two tables, let's see how that can end up.

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Memoization and RubyOnRails

Often with RubyOnRails (and other Ruby frameworks) we rely on instance variables and the or-equals operator (||=) to store some expensive data in memory to avoid costly database or API queries : this is called memoization.

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The case of the miracle date

This is a little story about an oddity related to date handling and null values in MySQL that a teammate and I spotted when working with Sequel and a custom timestamp plugin.

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Easing into the waters

Some food for thoughts about early infrastructure efforts for teams.

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Ruby and background jobs

An overview of Ruby background jobs solutions.

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Background jobs in AWS for Ruby

While you can run the old resque+redis or sidekiq+redis duos on AWS you can also make use of some AWS services to ease the setup and work.

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